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Day trip to St. Peter Ording

Dunes & beach tour St. Peter Ording

Distance: 70.2 km (35.1 km) | Duration: 4:40 h | Difficulty: difficult

Schleswig-Holstein Wadden Sea National Park as far as the eye can see! Destination: the popular St. Peter-Ording with its endless beach, pristine dune landscapes and its charming three districts.

St. Peter Ording

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The way to St. Peter Ording via the Eiderstedt peninsula is 35 km long. The day trip leads partly along the dike road, the outer dike and also across the East Frisian marshland. You will pass Norderfriedrichskoog and Osterhever.


The day trip for experienced cyclists takes you to the centre of St. Peter-Ording, to St. Peter-Dorf. This charming district with small-town flair is ideal for a short pit stop in the village street in one of the local restaurants.

Dunes, salt marshes, pine forest, sea and mudflats: Arriving at St. Peter-Ording's 12 km long and 2 km wide fine sandy beach, a real relaxation awaits you. The endless expanse and the typical pile dwellings, landmarks of St. Peter-Ording, leave great memories of this day trip.


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