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St. Peter-Ording

± 37 kilometres away


The coastal town of St. Peter-Ording is the largest village on the Eiderstedt peninsula and is known for miles of sandy beaches, impressive pile dwellings and unique dune landscapes. Behind the dike of the coastal town there is a huge forest area. This combination makes St. Peter-Ording an interesting excursion destination. Here you can use health-conscious, family-friendly, and especially near-natural leisure offers. The fine sand beach invites you to sunbathe and bathe. At best conditions activities such as kite surfing, windsurfing, beach sailing and beach volleyball will be offered.

Recommended cycling and hiking trails in the region of St. Peter-Ording

Bike path St. Peter-Ording

Visit one of the most popular resorts at the North Sea coast - St. Peter-Ording.

Route to Westerhever

From the campsite you get to the peaceful Westerhever with its landmark, the Westerhever Lighthouse.

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