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Husum ± 7 kilometres away


The harbor city of Husum is called a "metropolis" at the North Sea coast of Schleswig-Holstein with a good reason, as the city offers a comprehensive cultural program and a wide range of events, attractive shopping opportunities on short routes and many leisure opportunities. You can discover the North Sea harbor town with Theodor Storm's eyes and walk on Dutch and Danish traces.


Take a refreshing break while visiting the historic city center and learn about the maritime history of the city, because in Husum great subjects of seafaring come to life. At the picturesque harbor with its shrimp boats and merchant ships you can experience the natural spectacle of ebb and flow. From the port of Husum you can reach many small islands and Hallig islands by ferry.

Recommended cycling and hiking trails in the region of Husum

Bike tour Husum

Experience a leisurely country and city tour for all fitness levels on easily passable paths.

Storm surge route

Follow the traces that have been caused by a lot of storm floods over the centuries.

Nordstrand route

From the campsite passing Husum towards Nordstrand.

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