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Full steam ahead to the Happy Kids club


Brave pirates, happy mermaids and creative sand castle builders are always sure of a warm welcome at Nordseecamping. On the large playground they can romp around, climb and play. Cool jumps can be performed on the jumping pillows. With fast closed friendships new adventures can be passed every day – this is fun. Future professional footballers can improve their free-kick-skills at our football ground near the campsite or show their skills at the football table. 


During the summer holidays our kids club organizers ensure there is a big variety of great games, face painting, expeditions on the mudflats and lots more. There’s always a breeze blowing along the dike – ideal for kite flying! Which kite will go up the highest?

Hi, I am „Fibi", the little snail from Nordseecamping.


Wherever you find me, you can expect fantastic leisure activities, great explorations and many exciting adventures.

Spielplatz, Camping, Nordseecamping zum Seehund, Familienurlaub
Kinder, Spielplatz, Ballspiel, Campingurlaub, Nordseecamping zum Seehund
Kinder, Kinderanimation, kinderfreundlicher Urlaub, Camping, Nordseecamping zum Seehund
Kinder, Spiel, Kinderanimation, Kinderfreundlicher Camping, Nordseecamping zum Seehund