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Circular tour Husum Bay/Nordstrand

Tour from Nordseecamping to the Nordstrand peninsula

Distance: 54.8 km | Duration: 3:45 h | Difficulty: medium

How diversified: Marshland, Wadden Sea, peninsula and city! The cycle tour around Husum Bay to the Nordstrand peninsula, as a "neighbour" just opposite our campsite, leads over dike and land, into charming Husum on the quiet, green "tip" of North Frisia.


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The cycle tour starts in the direction of Wobbenbüll. On the way there, around the Husum Bay, you will pass the old town of Husum, cross the Husum Mühlenau, past the outer harbour. When you arrive in Wobbebüll, you can expect to see typical thatched houses and gardens surrounded by stone walls.


The route continues via the 4 km long Nordstrander Damm to the Nordstrand peninsula. Green dikes, fragrant salt marshes, undulating fields and fertile marshland. Past the Süderhafen marina. How about a "Pharisee"? The North Frisian national drink invented on Nordstrand in 1872. If you like, you can take an extra turn and circle the peninsula completely on the outer dike.

On the way back we pass through the Theodor Storm town Husum. At Husum Castle, the magnificent castle park with its charming castle café invites you to a pit stop. Shopping fans will find two shopping centres just around the corner from the castle. The way back is through the old town in the direction of Simonsberg.


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